All students major in law. The programme offers each student the possibility to specialise in one of two themes:

International Economic Law and Policy

The student will obtain a broad expertise in international economic law and policy making, including international trade and commercial law, international contract law and conflicts of law. The student can develop specialist expertise in areas of public and private international trade law, IT and technology transfer law and business law (including contract law, sales law and intellectual property law).

International Resources Law and Policy

Specialisation in international resources law and policy entails studies in areas such as energy, mining, food and the environment. The programme emphasises the economic aspects of law and regulation, but it also covers contractual structures and the impact of law and regulation on private arrangements. Students can develop expertise in resources law and contracts, the application of international economic law in the resources sector or even the impact of EU law in this area of economic activity.

How to choose a specialisation?

The selection occurs when completing  each student's Personal Study Plan (PSP) during the first autumn and does not require any other formalities. the  The programme coordinator will assist students in choosing their specialisation and suitable courses based on their background and individual interests.