Juliet Ogbodo
Student in MDP in International Economic and Resources Law

"I am a masters degree student of international economic and resources law, majoring in International economic law and policy. My experience in this programme has been nothing short of excellent.
With a background in sociology I was a bit concerned with my transition to law. However, the multicultural environment, the versatility of students from diverse academic backgrounds and the consistent understanding and encouragement from my lecturers made the process easier and helped me excel in my studies. The flexibility and effective facilities offered made my experience even more worthwhile."


Dayann Obeng-Darko
Student in MDP in International Economic and Resources Law

"What is law? Instead of an answer, you get Perspective on the subject from this Law School.

There is nothing short of exciting learning adventure in the International Economic and Resources Law: Master’s Degree Programme in Law. First off, there is the amazing departmental staff with professors who are internationally leading experts in their fields. They are always very happy to provide guidance and support students in their studies.

The law programme provides a deep and broad knowledge on the legal aspects of all facets of life, from trade, energy, food to animals and everything else in-between, so there is always something for everybody whatever the academic background. One cannot ask for a more internationally diverse study programme in law than the one offered here at UEF. Create your very own learning experience with us!"


Carmen Dupree
Student in MDP in International Economic and Resources Law

"I am 24 years old and I am from Asheville North Carolina, USA. I first came to Finland in the Spring semester of 2014 as an exchange student and I was immediately impressed by the education system that UEF had to offer. Not only was it more economical than studying in the U.S but it also provided the same quality of education. In addition to that I discovered that the University had a variety of master’s degree programs taught in English including one in International Economic and Resources Law. At this point it felt like it was fate for me to continue my education here because my earlier educational background in policy and resources, it seemed to me that obtaining a Masters in resource law, was a no-brainer.  

Currently I feel that Finland is the perfect home for me because I feel the progressive policies of Nordic culture align with my own personal ethos. I am not sure if my future will have me reside in Europe, the U.S, or even  some other region of the world, but I know that upon completing my education here I will be open to all of the above scenario’s."