About the Degree

Students admitted to the programme complete a Master of International and Comparative Law (MICL) degree. If the student has completed a Finnish Bachelor of Laws degree the student completes a Master of Laws (OTM) degree.

The MICL degree does not qualify the graduate for positions in the judiciary or to practise law (e.g. as a judge or a lawyer) in Finland. These positions require a Finnish Master of Laws degree (oikeustieteen maisteri, OTM).


  • Master's degree comprises 120 ECTS credits (cp) and takes 2 years of full-time studying.
  • The degree consists of a major subject (100 cp) and elective studies (20 cp). Also some language and communication studies and a Master's thesis are included.
  • There are no restrictions concerning the maximum amount of credits. Students may include more than 120 credits in their Master's Degree.
  • The language of the programme is English. All compulsory and elective courses should be taken completely in English.


Joensuu Model for studying law: building on leading themes

Bachelors’ and masters’ who graduate from UEF Law School will have all the necessary skills of problem solving and information management as well as proper argumentation skills needed in the field of law.

Curriculum as well as teaching at UEF is based on the following three ideas which will ensure our graduates have transferable skills as well as wide-ranging knowledge:

1. Leading educational themes cutting across the whole study path. In teaching we emphasize the leading themes common to different fields of law – instead of focusing on each individual field in detail. Leading themes are: a) general legal doctrines b) fundamental rights and human rights c) internationalization and Europeanization of law d) sources of law and legal argumentation. These themes are repeated throughout the study path with varying emphasis and this will help students to understand the linkages and special characters of different fields of law.

2. Accumulation and confirmation of learning. Curriculum as well as recommendations for study order are based on an idea about accumulation and gradual confirmation of knowledge. Basic studies of each field of law as well as later education will recapitulate earlier knowledge and link this knowledge to new frameworks.  

3. Skills in legal thinking and preparedness for working life. Legal expertise is not only about knowing provisions of law but first and foremost about the ability to think in legal terms and about the ability to apply legal knowledge in practice; also by crosscutting the fields of law. We will use study methods which support problem solving and argumentation skills throughout the study path.

Transferring the right to study: Eligibility

Finnish master's degree students at UEF: Changing the right to study into international Master's Degree Programme in International Economic and Resources Law

Finnish students currently studying a Master's degree at the UEF Law School have the right to transfer their right to study directly to the UEF Law School MDPs if:

  1. a student holds a right to study on Master’s level in Public Law or Law (HTM/OTM) 
  2. a student holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Law (HTK) or Law (ON) 
  3. a student holds a Bachelor level degree and has completed all supplementary studies required by UEF Law School.

Students currently holding a right to study in either of the international Master’s degree programmes at the UEF Law School with the target degree of Master of International and Comparative Law (MICL) have the right to transfer their right to study directly to the other Master's degree programme.

In order to be eligible to transfer the right to study into the MDP in International Economic and Resources Law, a student must have completed at least 15 cp out of the courses listed under one of the two specialisations in the curriculum of Master's programme in International Economic and Resources Law.

Note that the language of the programme is English.

Transfer of the right to study: Procedure

The transfer can be applied with a free-form application concerning the change of the right to study.  Student must attach a Personal Study Plan to the transfer application.
Please write down the following details on to your transfer application:

  • Your full name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Student number
  • Name of the master's programme in which the student is studying
  • Current degree and major (from which the student is transferring from)
  • The degree and major to which the student wishes to transfer the right to study
  • Indication that student consents to renounce the former right to study
  • Date and signature

The transfer application is addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of of Social Sciences and Business Studies. Programme Coordinator Laura Tammenlehto will receive all the transfer applications, so please contact Laura concerning transfers. Contact information can be found below:

Laura Tammenlehto
email: laura.tammenlehto(at)uef.fi
phone: +358 50 442 3994
Room 2061, Aurora II building
Law School
University of Eastern Finland
Joensuu campus
P.O.Box 111