Practical training

Is it compulsory?

Practical training is not a compulsory part of the curriculum of the MDP in Economic and Resources Law. It is however recommended to all our students.

Where is its place in the study programme?

Course module of Practical Training (5311007, 8 cp) can be included in student's elective studies.

Financial support?

The Law school grants financial support for the training each year. However, due to the limited resources in the Faculty, departments cannot admit support to everyone but only a few will receive the funding. The funding will not be granted to students that have already once before received funding from the university or to students who have already completed the Practical Training course module.

The support will be allocated directly to the training place.

The application period for the funding is normally in the end of the autumn semester. The programme coordinator will notify the students when the application period begins! Applications for funding are received ONLY during the official application periods.

If the practical training will take place in one of the Erasmus countries (EU-countries or Island, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Turkey – not Finland) the primary source of funding is Erasmus funding. The practical training cannot take place in any EU organisation or EU administrated organisation in order to gain the Erasmus funding.

What if I don't get financial support?

If the student is not granted funding for the practical training from the UEF Law School or Erasmus, but yet wishes to include the training as part of his/her studies, the student must discuss this prior the training with the programme coordinator.

Furthermore, the student must write a one A4 plan about the training describing:

  • the organisation where the training would take place
  • trainee's key assignments/role during the training
  • student's own learning and skill objectives during the training
  • short explanation why the practical training would be a suitable part of the student's studies/career plans

The plan must be submitted to the programme coordinator prior the training. The coordinator will assess whether the planned training can be considered part of the studies, and determines whether it fulfils all the needed criteria. In order to gain the study credits from the training, the student must also write a report after completion of the practical training, as instructed below.

Minimum duration of the training period?

The minimum duration of the practical training is continuous 2 months. Shorter practical trainings cannot be considered in the application for the funding or gaining the credits.

How to gain the credits?

In order to gain the study credits the student must write a 10-15 pages report on the practical training.

Instructions for the report:

  • 10-15 pages
  • essay or learning diary
  • 1-2 pages on introducing the organisation where the practical training took place, short introduction and description on the key assignments of the practical training
  • The report should include also an analysis on a legal problem that the trainee encountered during the training; most focus in the report should be given to this part.
  • The analysis should be written in accordance with the instructions on the "Academic legal writing".
  • The analysis should be supported by applicable academic/legal sources (at least 5-10 sources)
  • Appropriate style of academic writing must be followed; including a title page, table of contents and bibliography

The report should be returned to the programme coordinator Laura Tammenlehto (laura.tammenlehto (a) by email after the practical training has been completed.

Where can I train?

UEF or the Law School do not provide any placements for a training. All students are personally responsible in finding a place for an internship or training. A perquisite for gaining the funding and study credits on the practical training is that the training includes the application of legal knowledge. Thus, the student must discuss with the programme coordinator of their plan on the practical training in order to ensure that the planned training can be included in the student's studies.

What if I already have working experience?

It is possible to gain credits for the practical training course module based on your earlier working experience. Your experience must be related to the field of law. This option also requires reporting. Discuss this option with the programme coordinator.

More information?

The programme coordinator will give more information on all issues related to the practical training and the funding opportunities. Please contact the coordinator if you are planning to do a practical training.