Anthropology of Sound,  Acoustemology, and Sensory Transformations – Past, Present, Future

 in Joensuu, Finland, June 4-5,  2019
Workshop time: 4th of June, from 12.15–18.00 4th & 5th of June from 9.45–15
Place: University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus, E303 soundscape studio, Educa building,
Tulliportinkatu 1

 Tuesday June 4th
12.15         SENSOTRA Seminar & Workshop with Steven Feld begins
                   Opening words: Helmi Järviluoma
Keynote by Steven Feld: Anthropology of Sound,  Acoustemology, and Sensorial Affects

13.30   Coffee
13.45   Juhana Venäläinen, Sonja Pöllänen & Rajko Mursic: Resounding the Street
14.30    Milla Tiainen: Rethinking relations between environments and experience as immediation?
15.15    Heikki Uimonen: Art and Activism Constructing Urban Sensory Environments
16.00    Coffee
16.15    Eeva Pärjälä: Transgenerational place attachment in urban space – sensed, embodied, shared
17.00    Sandi Abram: Rhythmanalysis and sensory gentrification
17.45    Summing up and Working Dinner
Wednesday June 5th
                Coffee available in the beginning
9.45        SENSOTRA Seminar & Workshop continued
                Invited speech: Hans Weisethaunet: Musical Sound, Place, and Listening
10.45      Blaz Bajic: The social life of smell: Odours in cultural perspective
11.30      Lunch
12.30      Helmi Järviluoma & Inkeri Aula: Sensory transformations as experienced by artists in two European cities
13.15      SENSOTRA guests session:
- Meri Kytö: Regularizing sonic phenomena: Walking with a cochlear implant
- Tanja Tiekso: Listening as a bird in wastelands
- Sibone Oroza: Choose the scenes where my daughters look most beautiful
14.15    Summing up + coffee
14.45 Workshop ends

Moving to cinema theatre Tapio.
Steven Feld cinematic concert “Voices of the Rainforest”
Immersive eco-rockumentary “Voices of the Rainforest” 7.1

Cinematic concert time: 5th of June at 16.00
Place: Kino Tapio, Kauppakatu Joensuu

Events are organised by SENSOTRA (Sensory Transformations) ERC AdG project 694893. Workshop and concert free of charge & open to public. Workshop is full. Please sign up in order ensure your place for the cinematic
concert: or Tel. +358 505939331
Steven Feld is an anthropologist, filmmaker, musician, and sound artist.  Feld is one of the most well-renowned
ethnomusicologists in the world, having discovered and greatly advanced the anthropology of sound and
acoustemology. Currently, he is a Senior Scholar, at School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, and Distinguished
Professor of Anthropology Emeritus at University of New Mexico. An Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy will be
conferred upon him on 7th of June, 2019 at UEF.