Spectromics Laboratory

Spectromics Laboratory is the first spectral imaging research environment in Finland focused in plant imaging. Since 2014, it is, together with University of Helsinki, part of national road map of research infrastructure in Finland, financed by Academy of Finland.

New spectral imaging techniques enable non-invasive measurement of spectral properties with narrow band colour channels that give detailed spectral information of the target. In our laboratory, the cameras have a wide spectral range: ultraviolet and mid-wave infrared ranges in addition to visible range. Reflectance, transmittance and fluorescence imaging can be used to provide information about properties of plants, including chemical composition and structural charasteristics. Imaging does not destroy or harm the target, and thus repeated monitoring is possible. Imaging also enables detection of spatial patterns in distribution. Thus, detection of temporal changes can be used in monitoring the progress of stress symptoms.

Plant Imaging Laboratory is run by Plant Ecophysiology Research Group at Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences.