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The project Inequalities of Mobility: Relatedness and Belonging of Transnational Families in the Nordic Migration Space (2015–2019) explores inequalities in everyday practices and investigates the different strategies employed by transnational families whose members deal with the various hierarchies. Transnational networks are shaped by inequalities that become pronounced in multilocal families. The research focuses specifically on transnational families in the Nordic and Baltic regions, and in Eastern Europe. The research is multidisciplinary (social and cultural anthropology, sociology, social and public policy, human geography, ethnology, folklore studies) and the research team is international with researchers from all the countries being studied. The primary methodology is ethnography, including participant observation, in-depth interviews and photographing. Also innovative participatory methods are employed, e.g. storycrafting. Media analyses are conducted, as well as an internet-based questionnaire.

The project is funded by the Academy of Finland. Principal Investigator, project leader: Prof. Laura Assmuth, University of Eastern Finland.