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Conference abstract book (June 4th):

Abstract book (PDF, 700 kb )

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10:30   SESSIONS 1


A Body, walk, paths, and remembering I
Chair: Rajko Mursic

B Mediations of sensory experience at the level of the everyday I
Chair: Inkeri Aula


Laure Brayer: Walking in Space and Time: Inhabitants Sensory Perceptions, Memories and Participations in a changing landscape

Milla Tiainen: Immediations in the making: Studying the emergent relationality of environmental sensory experiences


Helmi Järviluoma: Transgenerational sensobiography as mobile and embodied life writing



Laura Forment & Silvia Luraschi: Walking-with refugees and natives

Bonnie Tilland: Parenting While Sensing "Bad Air" in South Korea


Natalie Bourdon: Body Poetics and Body Politics: Sensory Autoethnography and Ethnographic Poetry as Method

Two poster presentations:
Nevena Marković: Rethinking the sensorial in Emotional Cartographies: Sensing Emotions, Mapping Process and Semantics &
Evgenia Amey: Experiencing urban space through artistic and literary biographical connections: A case of Tove Jansson walk in Helsinki


12:30   Lunch

13:30   SESSIONS 2


A Boundaries of perception
Chair: Blaz Bajic

B Mediations of sensory experience at the level of the everyday II
Chair: Ari Koivumäki


Sarah Vollmer, Rachelar Ho & Marco Pesce:

Boundaries of perception – Virtual vs Reality                 

Heikki Uimonen: Bodies and Narratives Constructing Urban Spaces




Bethan Prosser: Sounding out the sensorium: understanding sound methods within a multisensory approach

Lucia Aramayo: Riding a bus in Guatemala City: The representation of Mobility experiences and practices in Julio Serrano's stories


15:00   Virtual coffee rooms for discussions

15:15   SESSIONS 3


A Sensory Commons I
Chair: Laura Formenti

B Senses, hierarchies, and multisensoriality I
Chair: Meri Kytö


Lesley Murray: Senso-generational rhythms of urban mobile spaces



Juhana Venäläinen: Senses on/of the move: mobilities, place-making and the urban sensory commons

Gözde Cöbek: All that is solid turns into ruins: the aesthetics of urban deformation in Istanbul, Turkey


Sandi Abram: Sharing of the Sensible in Common: Remembering the Tastes and the Smells of Wartime Ljubljana and Early Socialist Yugoslavia through Sensobiographic Walks

Cordula Weisskoeppel: Step by step: multisensual walking as an instrument for decolonizations



Sonja Pöllänen: The sensation of likeness in sensobiographic walks

John D’Arcy: Do You Hear What I Hear? A walk about stepping into someone else’s ears


17:15   Virtual coffee rooms for discussions

17:30   KEYNOTE Paul Stoller: Sensing Spirit Possession: Evoking the Sensorium in Slow Anthropology. Chair: Helmi Järviluoma

18:15   End of day 1



10:30   KEYNOTE Jean-Paul Thibaud: The Hypothesis of Ambient Sensitivity. Chair: Rajko Mursic

11:15   Coffee break with virtual coffee rooms for discussion

11:30   SESSIONS 4


A Body, walk, paths, and remembering II
Chair: Lesley Murray

B Mediations of sensory experience at the level of the everyday III
Chair: Sandi Abram


Eeva Berglund: On how to meander through modern landscapes, immersed in the digital: a sympathetic critique pf walking research

Chris Cook: Sensitivity and sociality: co-composing with Trevor, who has mild cognitive impairment


Eeva Pärjälä: Transgenerational place attachement

Guy Julier: What is 60 Minutes in Smart Kalasatama?: experimenting with performance as method


Noora Vikman: Spaces and places of silence

Pekka Tuominen: Guided by Absurdity: Fragile Affinity between Imagination and Materiality in the Finnish Urban Periphery


Ari Koivumäki: Sonic garden

Joel Ong: The Participatory Microbial Mise en Scene


13:30   Lunch

14:30   WORKSHOPS 1

A John D’Arcy: Do You Hear What I Hear? Soundwalk

B Janine Uprichard: Experiments in Deep Smelling




16:00   Virtual coffee rooms for discussions

16:15   SESSIONS 5


A Mediations of sensory experience at the level of the everyday IV
Chair: Eeva Pärjälä

B Sensory Commons II
Chair: Juhana Venäläinen


Hilda Kozari: From the smell of Helsinki

Meri Kytö: 'Tis the season to do listening walks: A methodological approach to seasonal music and urban environment


Inkeri Aula: Experiences of urban nature and digital media technologies entangled: sensobiographies of young people in Turku, Finland

Arba Bekteshi: Sensorial Investigations of Tirana Garden(s): Commoning through Embodiment Practices and Thick Present


Karla Berrens: Sensing place amidst fire and sound, correfocs in Barcelona

Andrea Tremblay: mind.heart.mouth.: Nature Connectedness through Sensory Experiences


Elina Hytönen-Ng: Sound and technology in the soundscape of schools

Vaiva Aglinskas: Stairwell Sensorium: reclaiming post-Soviet stigmatized space through art


18:15   End of day 2



10:00   WORKSHOPS 2

A Anna-Maija Raikamo: Sensory Words

B Interactive Talks on Art
Barbara Pia Jenič: Senses in Art – an interactive talk
Artist duo Niskanen & Salo + Inkeri Aula: Murmurations - Research collaboration in sound art






11:15   Short break

11:20   Sessions 6


A Sensory methodologies I
Chair: Heikki Uimonen

B Senses, hierarchies, and multisensoriality II
Chair: Cordula Weisskoeppel


Helena Karhu: Urban Shamanism and Personal Power Places: Visual Anthropological and Autoethnographic Study in Helsinki

Ana Svetel: Hygge atmospheres: Sensations and anticipations


Jacqueline Waldock: Drawing together, Recording together: the complexities of inscribing self in urban space

Blaž Bajič: Hierarchizing senses, sensing hierarchies


Rajko Mursic: Sensorial narrations on music and dance: extrapolating affect from sensobiographic walks

Elina Seye: The corporeality of sound and movement in performance: an alternative approach to analyzing dance-music interrelations



12:50   Short break

13:00   KEYNOTE Johanna Sumiala: Mediations of Death: Sensing (Im)Mortality in Contemporary Media City. Chair: Milla Tiainen


Impromptu Panel: Sensing the Conference

Chair: Helmi Järviluoma Participants: Docent Taina Kinnunen (UEF); Dr Virpi Kaukio (UEF); and MA, artist, director of Senzorium institute Barbara Pia Jenič

Live Music (Eero Lehtimäki) Conductor and Clarinettist Artistic director and chief conductor of Joensuu City Orchestra

Free chatting

15:00   The End of the Conference with Live Music (Eero Lehtimäki) Stream C ends directly after the last music performance at 15:00 EEST.



Online Art Work:

Ghost Light by Mark Niskanen, Jani-Matti Salo in collaboration with Inkeri Aula & SENSOTRA research project



Technical hosts for Zoom venues:

  • Keynotes: Juhana Venäläinen
  • Sessions A:  Salli Anttonen
  • Sessions B: Meri Kytö
  • Coffee breaks and Conference party: Anu Koponen and Anna-Maija Raikamo