Dr. Calkin Suero Montero, calkin.montero (at) uef.fi

Dr. Suero Montero is a Human Computer Interaction expert that has extensive experience working within international environments in the fields of computational linguistic, novel interaction techniques usability and sentiment analysis. Her main research interests include interdiciplinary research between HCI and Human Language Technologies (HLT) applications such as conversational system; designing and implementing algorithms for text-based Affective Computing; investigating the social acceptance of novel human-computer interactions, such as gesture-based mobile interactions designs; and computer supported collaborative work in educational settings.

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Dr. Carolina Islas Sedano, caislas (at) gmail.com
Dr. Islas Sedano is a gaming expert and enthusiast whose main research interests include: the use technology in ways and means that otherwise wouldn't be possible to get specific outcomes or experiences. (creativity + innovation);creating meaningful and enjoyable playing-learning experiences WITH and THROUGH the use of the technology; involving the environment in playing-learning applications. (make use of "pervasive" applications) andimpulsing the activity of individuals and promote the collaboration, self-reflection, increase tacit knowledge and knowledge communication by playing-learning applications.
Carolina received her PhD from University of Eastern Finland in 2012.
Dr. Mikko Apiola, mikko.apiola (at) ieee.org
Dr. Mikko Apiola is a computer scientist with basic background knowledge in research areas such as natural language processing, semantic web technologies, interaction design, and software engineering. He has also specialised in educational psychology from the viewpoint of computer science education (CS1, SE training, and creativity), and has research experience and interest in the area of ICT4D. Dr. Mikko Apiola is currently holding a  post-doctoral researcher position at the Department of Future Technologies, University of Turku, Finland.

Dr. Silvia Gaiani, silviagaiani (at) yahoo.it

Silvia is a senior researcher at the  Department of Agro-Food Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy. An anthropologist by background, she holds 2 PhD degrees, one in International Cooperation and Policies for Sustainable Development and the other one in Agro-Food Economics and a master degree in International Relations.  She has worked a consultant for WMO, the World Meteorological Organization of the United Nations, and UNEP, the United Nations Environmental Programme. She has conducted applied researches in countries like Japan, USA, Mozambique, Denmark and the UK.  Since 2008 she has been collaborating with Prof Erkki Sutinen and his research group  in ICT4D at the University of Eastern Finland.  Her publications focus on the use of technologies for rural development and empowerment, sustainability and climatology.

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Prof. George S. Oreku, george.oreku (at) gmail.com

Prof. Oreku is an associate research Professor of Applied E-commerce Security and Information Systems. Oreku's research interests include Information Security, Sensor Networks Security, cybercrime, Cyber Security, risks assessment of technology-enabled information, Mobile Banking, electronic and mobile commerce (emC), applied information systems and its integrations to R&D. He is also interested in development of culturally sensitive educational models (South Africa, Ireland, China and Tanzania). He serves as a Chairman of review committee National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), Tanzania. He is a team member of the Ubiquitous Computing Research Group (UCRG) at the School of Computing, Dublin Institute of Technology, Al-Zaytoonah University, Amman Jordan and North West University South Africa. He has worked as a lecturer and supervised a number of PhD and Masters Students in several Universities nationally and internationally. Professor Oreku has organized and chaired peer-reviewed international conferences and workshops in Computer Security. He is a reviewer in many International Journals and Conferences as well and a professional member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE, IEEE Technical Committee and Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), SANORD, ERB and WASET.

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Dr. Andrés Moreno, amoreno (at) cs.uef.fi

With more than 10 years of combined research and development experience in educational software, visualizations and ICT for Development, Andrés has successfully integrated different approaches and tools to create innovative solutions. Currently, he is one of the first research fellows at the newly established United Nations University-Computing and Society, a research institute based in Macao. He has been part of the development team of educational software Jeliot 3, which has been used all around the world to teach Java. He has further integrated the tool into other software and developed the concept of conflictive animations, which combines his experience in teaching, programming and research. Andrés has developed most of his international consultancy career in Mozambique, putting into action the conflicting plans of local and international partners. As a researcher, he has published more than 15 peer-reviewed papers and participated in several international conferences sponsored by ACM and IEEE.

Andrés received  his PhD from University of Eastern Finland in 2014.

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Prof. Artur Lugmayr, artur.lugmayr (at) curtin.edu.au

Artur Lugmayr is A/Prof. at Curtin University, Australia, where he teaches and supervises students in visualization technologies, interactive media, media management, and digital humanities. Artur was Professor for digital media management at the Tampere Univ. of Technology (TUT), Finland 2009-2014 establishing the Entertainment and Media Management Lab. and the New Ambient Multimedia Lab. 2004-2009. Artur holds a Dr.-Techn. degree (Information Technology, TUT), and is pursuing his Dr.-Arts studies at Aalto Univ., Helsinki, Finland in motion pictures. He was visiting scientist in Singapore, Brisbane, Austria, Ghana; since 2000 raised/involved in 1.7+ MEUR funding (excl. 2014/2015 applications); 170+ publications; 24+ invited keynotes; and 27+ invited guest lectures.


Dr. Richard A.W. Tortorella, tortorella (at) ieee.org

Richard Tortorella's current research interests include context-aware learning systems, m-Learning, and artificial intelligence. He is an Assistant Editor for the Smart Learning Environments journal, and amember of the IEEE Society and the International Association of Smart Learning Environments.

Richard received his PhD from University of Eastern Finland in 2018.

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