Improving the Contextual Impact of ICT Education in Southern Tanzania: Engaging Stakeholders Towards Innovation



This research will be carried out at Tumaini University, Iringa University College (IUCO), Iringa, Tanzania, and the Science Park at its campus. The objectives of the research are rooted in IUCO?s recently launched contextualized ICT undergraduate program. The aims of the research can be summarized as follows:

- to design a formative improvement mechanism for the ICT undergraduate
- to analyze the impact of the contextualized ICT undergraduate program;
- to improve contextualized ICT education in general.

The agenda is to improve ICT education to serve better the local and global development challenges and act as an agent of sustainable development. Fundamentally, ICT can create equal opportunities for knowledge and interaction; these are important steps towards poverty reduction.


Tumaini University, Iringa University College, Tanzania


Academy of Finland, 400 000€, 2009-2012


Erkki Sutinen,