ICT4EEDU - Strengthening ICT in Education in Eritrea


ICT4EEDU aims to strengthen the human and infrastructure capacity of the Eritrean Institute of Technology to create and distribute electronic learning resources and services that are pedagogically sound and locally relevant, so that the EIT can take an active and informed role in the use of ICTs to address the Eritrean development and education priorities.

The project will include purchasing the necessary equipment to establish a resilient wireless network and a edtech lab at EIT. ICT4EEDU will focus on training EIT staff and supporting the implementation of curricula changes by having UEF experts participating in newly created modules. The project includes two learning visit to Finland for EIT staff to learn from Finnish practices, companies and institutions. As well, participation in international forums will be supported to link EIT to existing African and global ICT initiatives.

By the end of the project, EIT will have a resilient wireless network, a flexible edtech lab, improved teaching and learning methods, and trained staff to make effective use of the newly available resources in their academic duties.


  • Eritrea Institute of Technology
  • Aalto University


HEI ICI Eritrea, Ministry of Foreign Affairs / CIMO, 359 805 €, 2015-2017

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Dr. Ilkka Jormanainen, ilkka.jormanainen(at)uef.fi