Dr. James Blande, Associate Professor

Research Group Leader

My main research interest is to understand the multiple mechanisms through which atmospheric pollutants, in conjunction with other abiotic factors, can impinge upon volatile-mediated interactions. We theorise that by developing a detailed understanding of the means through which volatile-mediated interactions are affected by the abiotic world, it will enable better prediction of how to use volatiles to manipulate ecosystem services and deliver agricultural and horticultural benefit. Our current projects investigate the effects of pollutants, especially ozone pollution, on various volatile-mediated interactions, including plant-plant, plant-pollinator, plant-herbivore, and tritrophic interactions. We utilise model systems, including Brassicaceous plants, boreal forest trees (including birch, pine and spruce) and sagebrush in North America.

email: james.blande (at) uef.fi