NutOrMed - Optimal care for elderly - nutrition, oral health and medication

NutOrMed intervention study began in 2013. The aim of the study is to evaluate the impact of six month long nutritional and oral health intervention on nutritional status, oral health, functional performance and hospital admission/costs on older persons using home care services. Additionally, participants were interviewed at home regarding their medication use and this information will be compared with medication information in electronic patient records. The participants are randomly selected home care clients aged 75 years, living in Eastern and Central Finland. The intervention group included 131 persons and the control group included 169 persons.

At first, all participants were interviewed by home care nurses. The nurse interview examined cognition and depression, mobility and functional capacity. Dental hygienist and nutritionist then interviewed participants at home: dental hygienist examines the mouth and teeth or denture and self-care of the oral health and nutritionist examined weighs of the participants and daily eating routines with the 24-hour diary. The nutritional status were evaluated with Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) –test and height, weight and results from laboratory tests. Pharmacist interviewed participants concerning their medication use.

In nutrition intervention, participants who were malnourished or at risk of malnutrition had individually tailored intervention for six months. The oral health intervention included individualised counselling concerning oral and dental health. Intervention group was re-examined after six months.

The control group participants had the same examinations than intervention group but without any interventions.