New and renewed learning environments in Finland

One of the main outcomes of the NEED project is inspiring environments for Geo-education, environmental education and educational tourism. These new or renewed learning environments are situated in science centres, visitor centres and national parks, and in Finland they are the following:

* Leivonmäki National Park

In Leivonmäki National Park, a new signposted nature trail has been established in the NEED project. Luupään Lenkki, "Trail of Luupää", is a 2,2 -kilometer educational trail, lying on the esker formation near to the large peatland Kivisuo. The trail consists of 7 stopping points and 7 fascinating educational stories, five of them dealing with geological post-glacial history of the surrounding area. Read more..



* Linnansaari National Park

Aika matka, “A Mighty Journey”, is a 3-kilometer educational trail located in the municipal centre of Rantasalmi. The trail begins from the Visitor Centre of Linnansaari National Park in Rantasalmi village, and is lying on the shoreline of Lake Saimaa. Aika matka trail consists of nine stopping points and 12 fascinating educational stories, dealing with geological and cultural historical topics. Read more..

Download Guide to Aika matka geocultural trail




* Finnish Stone Center

Some new learning environments for Geo-Education were facilitated in the Finnish Stone Center. These environments and settings are to be used in educational programs such as the new study module "Rocks around us", which is produced in the NEED project. The development of the study module and learning environment has been parallel processes in the project, so that the learning environment serves the needs of the study module. Read more..



* KOLI National Park and Visitor Centre Ukko

Before the NEED project began, the Visitor Centre Ukko had no indoor space or learning environment where school groups could gather together. There was also a lack of exercises which took place indoors and were connected to guided outdoor programs. As a result of NEED project, the new study module "Koli Landscape"  was produced, and also an indoor learning environment was designed to serve the educational needs of the visitor centre. Read more..



See a leaflet Geo learning environments in Finnish Lakeland