Study modules - Landscape


Geology and Landscape of the Burren (Ireland)

Education resource pack with several educational modules
Teachers' Information Booklet
Movie: The Burren's Geology and Landscape
Movie: The Burren's Archaeology and History


Study module River processes (Norway)

Handbook for teachers
Worksheets: 1a  1b  2a  2b


Study module Hollows in the Ground (Norway)

Handbook for teachers


See a Film Making of Storjord , which shows how Storjord in Saltdal county, Norway, has been formed through an extreme geological event.

Study module Koli landscape (Finland)

Handbook for teachers, 5-6th grades
Handbook for teachers, 9th grade
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GIS based assignments for Koli (Finland)

Handbook for teachers


Geocultural trail in Rantasalmi (Finland)

Guide to Aika matka geocultural trail



Reindeers in IcelandEnglish version,  More extensive Icelandic version

Geology trail to Skaftafellsjökull Glacier: Guide to the Geology trail (Iceland)

Reports of multiple study modules and educational programs in Iceland:

Course Plant succession on Skeiðarársandur
School trips Secret of the Vatnajökull region
Educational hikes Experience Iceland
School camp Adventure Iceland
Geology, soil reclamation and culture from Kollumúli to Möðrudalur
Visit to Vatnajökull National Park, South
Ice climbing in Skaftafell
Study visit to the Mývatn area
Geitafell field trip
Wild flowers in the south-east part of Vatnajökull area