The NEED project ended December 31, 2010.

Thank you for your cooperation!


WP5 Conference in Ireland October 11.-16. 2010

The WP5 Conference "NPP/NEED for developing local skills and support in environmental education; how local people can use NEED study modules and learning environments"  was arranged in the Burren, Ireland. In this conference the project's actions were summarized and  the final steps to finalize the project were agreed. The participants were introduced to various examples how the local community can be involved in the project, and also to the amazing and unique landscape and geology of the Burren region.

Download WP5 Conference Agenda

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Study modules available now

One focus of the NEED project has been to design study modules based on geo-knowledge.

Each NEED partner country has been developing geo-science education modules under five common themes that focus on (1) elements of geology, (2) landscape, (3) natural hazards, (4) geological materials in society and their sustainable use, and (5) climate change.

The geo-education modules developed can help us to better understand the story of the Earth, the places and landscapes in which we live, and the natural resources on which we depend.

The geo-education teaching and learning modules are now available. To access the modules, please select 'Study modules' on the menu bar.



WP4 conference in Norway October 5.-10.

The WP4 conference Learning environments fluctuating the Arctic Circle was arranged by Nordland National Park Centre in Norway 5.-10.10.2009. The participants represented all project partner countries; Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Finland.

The participants were introduced to the Norwegian target area, and in workshops they explored and discussed how to develop learning environments in various local settings. The conference participants visited Nordland National Park Centre's learning environments and the following four pilot learning environments: Fykan ”fluted rocks”, Svartisen, a glacier situated in the national park of Saltfjellet-Svartisen, Marmorslottet, the marble castle, a lime stone formation caused by the acid water in the melt river from Svartisen glacier, and Grønligrotta, a lime stone cave in the same area.

You can find some more information about the program from the Agenda. See also the Conference Poster:

WP4 Conference Agenda

WP4 Conference Poster



WP3 conference in Finland June 3.-6.

The WP3 conference Innovative Education Methods was arranged in Finland 3.-6.6.2009. In this transnational conference, there were participants from all project partner countries; Ireland, Iceland, Norway and host country Finland.

In addition to summarizing the work done in WP3, the conference introduced also NEED Finland target area. The conference group visited two pilot learning environments, Finnish Stone Centre and Koli National Park.

You can find some more information about the program from the Agenda:

WP3 Conference Agenda



The winner of the Logo competition has been announced

The logo of the NEED project has been chosen through an international competition. The competition was directed towards 11-15 years old pupils in the target areas in Finland, Iceland, Ireland and Norway. The international jury chose the winning logo out of all the sketches. Eetu Korhonen, the designer and winner of the competition, lives in Koli, Finland. Eetu's logo will now be the official symbol of the project.

The winner's class will receive a prize of 1000 euros which must be used for the purchase of science equipment or visiting a nature site (national park or visitor centre). The jury awarded a second prize of 500 euros and a third prize of 200 euros. Two fourth prizes were also awarded, each of 100 euros.

Winners of the logo competition:

I Eetu Korhonen, Finland
II Grace Kelly, Ireland
III Inka Tuovinen, Finland
IV Tanja Tómasdóttir, Iceland
IV Morten Paulsen Særen and Adrian Pettersen, Norway


WP Conferences

The project's first transnational workshop was held in Iceland 20th - 24th of October 2008. The WP2 conference was named Geo-Education in Protected Areas, and it offered a great opportunity to meet other project partners, make some common future plans and become acquainted with the unique geology of Iceland.

You can find some more information about the program from the Agenda:

WP2 Conference Agenda



The next transnational meeting, the WP3 conference, will be held in Finland 3rd - 6th of June 2009. The WP4 conference will be held in Norway in autumn 2009 and WP5 conference in spring 2010 in Ireland.