New and renewed learning environments in Norway

One of the main outcomes of the NEED project is inspiring environments for Geo-Education, environmental education and edu-tourism. These new or renewed learning environments are situated in science centres, visitor centres and national parks, and in Norway they are the following: 

* Nordland National Park Centre

The centre holds both inside and outside several geological exhibitions and activities. Before the NEED project, the Centre miss the systematical connections to the nearby surroundings and more hands-on activities explaining geological processes. As a result, a new study module ”Good and Bad Geology” was developed and now takes place within the centre. Also a new Geo laboratory was established. The laboratory creates possibilities to study how river terraces are made in the landscape.

* geological landscape surrounding National park centre

The geological landscape at Storjord consists of many interesting features. The new study module "Hollows in the Ground" with a trail, makes use of these by pointing out strange hollows in the ground. When pupils have finished the trail, they will have a better understanding of the landscape and how to interpret geological features.

* the river, junkerdalselva

A river called Junkerdalselva comes down through the Junkerdal gorge and passes right by the National Park Centre. The river is exposed to flooding due to snow melting and heavy rains every year. Connected to this river, a new study module "River processes" and a trail were produced in the NEED project.


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