Work packages

The NEED project is divided into five Work packages (WPs).

WP1: Management, Communication and Coordination

Work package 1 includes the project management, networking, communication and dissemination, project evaluation and financial auditing. Reports will be delivered according to the rules of the EU and NPP Programme.

Some outputs of WP1 are available in the section "Information to download" (on the menu left). Also this website is one output of WP1.

WP2: Geo-Scientific content for educational tourism

The strategic focus of the WP2 is to review suitable geo-scientific content from target areas and to modify it for educational use. The geo-scientific information will be modified to correspond to the needs of schools and visitor centres. Also a new ICT/GIS tool is developed in WP2 in order to connect geo-databases for educational use.

WP3: Innovative educational methods and models

Scientifically designed and tested study modules are to be the main outcome of WP3. They will be based on the geo-scientific knowledge reviewed in WP2 and will include teaching materials, learning methods, and models on how to use the GIS tool. These modules will be used to support the learning environment of WP4 and the pilot results gained after their testing, will be a focus of research. Also further education for teachers and locals will be arranged. The results of the WP3 - study modules - are introduced under the title "Study modules" (on menu bar).

WP4: Inspiring environments for education

The aim of WP4 is the connecting of the educational methods and models developed in WP to the renewed learning environments of park sites and visitor centres. Several pilot environments for environmental education will be designed and completed. WP4 will also provide feasibility analyses about the possibilities of integrating educational and tourism environments for economically sustainable development.

Results of WP4 are introduced under the title "Learning environments" (on menu bar).

WP5: Rising awareness and skills of tourist and locals

WP5 aims at connecting the learning environments planned in WP4 to the local communities. The main outcome of WP5 will be a model for sustainable educational tourism as well as increased environmental awareness. In order to summarize the model for sustainable educational tourism, several sources are to be used: brochures, websites, results of customer and social capital gains surveys, models for economical integration of sustainable tourism business and education, and proceedings presenting the best practises of the project.