MDP in International Economic and Resources Law

What's in it for you?

The programme is designed to respond to a growing need for expertise in the area of international economic law. The programme equips students with an understanding of the decisionmaking processes and teaches them how to utilize the available legal means to maintaining the sustainable development of scarce resource markets. Graduates qualify for positions in companies that are active in the international resources sectors. The programme also provides general expertise, for example for placements as government officials that prepare legislation or implement economic policies.
All students major in Law.

What is MDP in International Economic and Resources Law made of?

International Economic and Resources Law is a two-year Master's degree programme that combines high-level teaching with practically-oriented educational objectives. The programme will cover international investments and trade. It focuses on the legal frameworks surrounding trade in public assets and resources, such as energy, food and technological infrastructure.

What does it cost?

The Master's degree programme in International Economic and Resources Law has a tuition fee. See more: Tuition and scholarships.

Welcome from the Programme Heads









Katja Lindroos (Weckström)
LL.D., Professor (Commercial Law)









Kim Talus
LL.D., Professor (European Law)



"I've always thought the interplay between commerce and society and the natural tendency of states to seek to generate maximum value from trade in goods and services while equally naturally seeking to promote domestic industries was interesting. My first choice of research topic back in the day was how and why the protection of intellectual property rights could be viewed as a legitimate barrier to trade within the EU, the Motherland of the principle of the free movement of goods. This excursion into the world of IPR became a lasting one. However, unlike when I joined the complex world of IPR, it has now opened up to mainstream society.

We are fortunate to have a strong tradition of international cooperation within the field, which has more recently been enriched with serious societal and academic debate on the very core issues of protection and its limits. IPRs are valuable assets, but they are also powerful motors for generating societal wealth and well-being, because their main purpose lies in the mass production and mass distribution of innovative and creative products. Technology, know-how and creativity only benefit society on a large scale if they are shared. I'm truly excited to have the opportunity to offer a programme where we focus on increasing our legal understanding of the optimal sharing and distribution of society's scarce resources in a way that propels modern and developing societies forward."


"I ended up working with the energy industry more or less by accident. Whilst embarking on a career in EU law, I worked on the first merchant infrastructure case under the (then) new EU regulatory frameworks for electricity and gas. From this experience, and some earlier contacts with the industry, my interest in energy law and policy emerged. Having made a decision early on to do a PhD, I decided to focus on energy. I have never regretted this choice.

Having done research and taught European and International Energy Law in countries like Germany, the United States and Australia and spoken at conferences all around the world, this career has provided me with many good discussions and many good friends.

The essential idea of the programme is that it provides you with a broad understanding of the legal issues at various stages of the energy value chain. By providing for the best international faculty, the programme combines theory and practice and gives a solid overall picture of energy law and policy issues at the international and European level.

The programme is taught at the Department of Law at the University of Eastern Finland. The choice could not be better. A young and dynamic faculty together with strong links to the industry, international organisations and other leading universities worldwide, will provide you as a student with the perfect opportunity to excel."