Five Years, Two Degrees   

The W5W2 project (2007-2009) supported the implementation of the Bologna process in the Finnish Universities. The W5W2 was the continuation of the W5W project (2004-2006). Its objective was to further develop the national curriculum and study counselling practices that were created during the W5W project. The W5W2 project was coordinated by the Universities of Kuopio and Oulu.
The W5W2 project concentrated on cumulative learning. Knowledge should accumulate in the long-term memory during the studies. That is how the competencies are created. Methods for assessing learning were also be developed, and the implementation of the Bologna process from the perspective of curriculum design and student-centred study counselling was evaluated.

Pilot projects according to the themes were also an essential part of the W5W2 project. Altogether about 60 pilot projects promoted cumulative learning in different university departments.

The Key Development Themes of the W5W2 project were:

  1. Evaluation of the curricula and the impact of the study counselling methods and personal study plans, PSPs (from experimentation to best practices and integration into the quality assurance systems)
  2. Development of the quantitave planning of education, surveys of student workload and time consumption
  3. Development of tools for the recognition of prior learning and implementation of the learning outcomes, quality of learning and cumulative learning
  4. Developing students' prerequisites for learning and the quality of study methods (learning culture, development of learning communities, academid pre-education, innovative teaching and learning methods)
  5. To support the Key Development Themes, electronic tools and learning material will be developed (both in Finnish and in English). Personnel training and consultation will be offered and practices evaluated both nationally and internationally.

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