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Give me time to think - determining student workload in higher education. Karjalainen, A., Alha, K. and Jutila, S. University of Oulu, Teaching development unit. 2006

 The objective of higher education must be the pursuit of deep learning. Time is an essential resource for all human action. Learning and studying also take place within the frame of time. A too tight schedule does not enable effective learning but results in student overload and superficial learning. From the perspective of teaching, student's need for time has to always be estimated from the viewpoint of a deep approach to learning. No study module or single course included in the curriculum should be allocated time on the basis that it can be passed without real, actual learning. The GET model introduced in this guide gives hints on how to apply these principles in practice.

This guide deals with the relation between different teaching methods and allocating time for courses in the curriculum. It presents a pedagogically sound and practical model for study time calculation for curriculum designers.

The book is called "Anna aikaa ajatella" in Finnish. It can be purchased from Oulun Yliopistopaino:

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Personal Study Plans for University Students - A Guide for Study Counsellors. Ansela, M., Haapaniemi, T. and Pirttimäki, S. University of Kuopio, Learning Centre. 2006.

This guide has been written to support the implementation of the PSP as an instrument for study counselling. The guide encourages study counsellors to cooperate in defining the PSP and its counselling practices and make good use of the resources available for PSP counselling. 

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Creative benchmarking - Designing sustainable international cooperation in higher education. Karjalainen, A., Kuortti, K. and Niinikoski S. University of Oulu, Teaching development unit. 2002.

This book introduces an innovative agenda for designing international cooperation in teaching and research. Using benchmarking as a starting point, it explores the premises of educational cooperation in depth and offers an altervative approach to it. An adapted benchmarking methodology, creative benchmarking, is the main focus of this guide.

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  Jäntti, J. Recognition og Prior Learning Practicas in University of Kuopio in Finland (PDF, in English)
  Laitinen, K., Pekonen, E., and Pirttimäki, S. Student Councelling Using a Personal Study Plan (PDF, in English)
  Räsänen, N. Promoting Academic Study Skills in the University of Kuopio (PDF, in English)