16.-18.6. The 5th Kuopio Stroke Symposium, Kuopio

The 5th Kuopio Stroke Symposium in Kuopio, Finland, June 16-18, 2010

The series of Kuopio Stroke Symposiums focus on different important areas of stroke research and treatment. Our goal is to bring both scientists and clinicians together and provide a forum for changing new ideas for future research and subsequently for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of stroke patients. 

Stroke is the most common reason for disability in the adulthood in the developed countries. It is a common belief, that the prevalence of stroke will increase as the population gets older. This must not be the case, however, as we have better and better tools for prevention as will be discussed in the meeting.
We also have new tools for treatment in the acute phase of stroke. We have learned to use systemic thrombolysis more effectively, however, also new endovascular strategies are emerging as well as new intensive care treatments like decompressive surgery and therapeutic hypothermia. Our understanding about the recovery and rehabilitation strategies of stroke is continuously increasing. Human brain is plastic and can be re-modelled by physical and cognitive therapies. All of these aspects will be discussed during the three days in Kuopio.

Publishing year: 2010

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