29.4. Rethinking borders and regions, Joensuu

Interdisciplinary Seminar on April 29, 2010, Auditorium C2, Carelia Hall, University of Eastern Finland, Yliopistokatu 4, Joensuu

12.15 Prof. Maria Lähteenmäki, Opening words. History, University of Eastern Finland

12.30 Prof. Hallvard Tjelmeland, Making of Transnational Region. Conflicts and Cooperation Across the Border in the High North from the Cold War to the Barents Region. History, University of Tromsø, Norway

13.15 Comment: Prof. Alfred Colpaert. Geography, University of Eastern Finland

13.30 Prof. Arto Mustajoki, Borders and Bridges in Minds and Languages. Russian Language and Literature, University of Helsinki

14.15 Comment: Prof. Jukka Korpela. History, University of Eastern Finland, History

14.30 Coffee Break

15.00 Dr Katharzyna Stoklosa, Challenges of Research on Borders and Border Regions. History, University of Dresden, Germany

15.45 Comment: Dr. Teuvo Laitila. Theology, University of Eastern Finland

16.00 Closing words, Prof. Maria Lähteenmäki, University of Eastern Finland

Organizers: Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Carelian Institute and Russia in Europe Graduate School in Border Studies, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Campus

Publishing year: 2010

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