24-25 April Conference on Cultural Policy Research, Joensuu

Place: University of Finland (UEF), Joensuu campus, School of Humanities, Agora building, address: Yliopistokatu 4.

The second conference of the Society for Cultural Policy Research in Finland takes place at University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu on 24–25 April 2014. The theme of the conference is Variety of Cultural Politics in Contemporary Society.

The conference is organized in cooperation with the Academy of Finland research project on the effects of the liberalist turn on the art world at the UEF School of Humanities in Joensuu. Keynote speakers of the conference are Professor Jim McGuigan (Loughborough University), Professor Andrew Jamison (Aalborg University) and researcher Tuija Lattunen (University of Helsinki).

The 2014 conference continues on the agenda of the first meeting in mapping the state and extent of cultural policy research in Finland. It offers a possibility for researchers and professionals from various fields to discuss cultural political issues of their areas of specialty and to reflect on possibilities for cross-disciplinary syntheses. Cultural policy is understood broadly as negotiation on values and attitudes, and as contests about various societal questions. Cultural policy research is typically based on a multidisciplinary theoretical background, but we would also like to invite presentations on possible general characteristics of theories of cultural policy.

According to the proposals received in last autumn's Call for Sessions the following topics shall be addressed in the conference sessions:

•                          Culture, Civil Society, and the Third Sector
•                          Theories and Research of Cultural Policy
•                          Cultural Policy and Historical Knowledge
•                          Cultural Entrepreneurship
•                          The Cultural Images of Political Animals
•                          Art and Artist in Cultural Political Debate of Values
•                          Transnationalism and Cultural Policy

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Please see more information about the sessions on the Society's web pages: http://www.kulttuuripolitiikantutkimus.fi/
Organizing team: anna.logren(a)uef.fi, simo.hayrynen(a)uef.fi, pauli.rautiainen(a)uta.fi




Publishing year: 2014

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