Academy Project funding to Alzheimer's biomarker research

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Health has granted a total of 430 000 euro to professor Hilkka Soininen’s research project focusing on multimodal analysis of imaging and biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia is a major health problem in the world. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the leading cause of dementia. The aim of the project is to find biomarkers and biomarker combinations for early diagnosis and prediction of AD. A previous study, PredictAD, provided many tools for image analyses and a decision making tool, “AD Disease State Fingerprint”, to facilitate early diagnosis. The analysis of metabolomics and lipidomics from blood has potential for developing a blood based biomarker for the early detection of AD.

In the new project, the researchers will validate PredictAD tools for neuroimage analysis, Disease State Finger Print, and blood markers detected in other cohorts. Data mining will be performed on data from patient cohorts including clinical, neuropsychological, MRI, genetic, and blood lipidomic, metabolomics, proteomic data to define the best possible predictive model of existing AD. The researchers will also investigate the profile of selected risk genes and blood and CSF biomarkers on imaging findings.

On the basis of the September 2011 call, the Research Council for Health allocated a total of 13,7 million euro to research projects. The Research Council received 197 applications and funding was granted to 33 research projects.

Academy Projects are the key funding opportunity provided by the Academy for research projects, designed to offer funding for projects where the researchers themselves select the topics. Non-tied project funding is a way to guarantee renewal in scientific disciplines as well as the freedom of scientific research. Academy Project funding provides researchers with an opportunity to carry out scientifically ambitious research, to achieve new breakthroughs and to engage in high-risk research.

For further information, please contact:

Professor Hilkka Soininen, University of Eastern Finland, tel. 040 5735749

Science Adviser Sara Illman, Academy of Finland, tel. 09 7748 294


Publishing year: 2012

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