Million euros for research on nanophotonics

The Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Eastern Finland has received more than 1 million euros from Tekes for the project Applications of atomic layer deposition in nanophotonics and medical diagnostics. The project focuses on long term strategic research on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). The main application areas of the project are in nanophotonics and medical diagnostics, but studies on special coatings for other applications will be investigated also. The project brings together important high-tech companies in Finland. The main objectives of the project are to carry out excellent research, to initiate new R&D projects for the participating companies, in particular in Eastern Finland, and to create potential for new start-up companies to be founded in Eastern Finland. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with several international research institutes.

”This funding gives us a significant boost in the development of new nanophotonic solutions, for example, optical communications and medical diagnostics” says professor Seppo Honkanen, the responsible leader of the project. Professor Honkanen started at the University of Eastern Finland in January 2012, after staying five years at Aalto university.

”This project gives us a significant support in achieving the goals of our research strategy. It enables us to further increase the scientific level of our nanophotonics research and simultaneously we can develop new applications utilizing nanophotonics” explains professor Pasi Vahimaa, the Head of the Department of Physics and Mathematics.

The duration of this 1.2M€ project is two years. The funding is from the European Regional Development Fund (ENDF) through Tekes

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Publishing year: 2012

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