Popular study visit for teachers began in Joensuu

The UEF Teacher Training School in Joensuu hosts a study visit for experts in education and teaching on 26–30 March 2012. The group of participants involves 16 persons from a total of 13 different counties – the westernmost country being Ireland and the easternmost Turkey.

During the study visit, the participants learn about the unique characteristics of the Finnish teacher education system, i.e. teacher training, supervised teaching practice, and teacher training schools. Furthermore, the participants learn about the Finnish school system and the factors contributing to the success of Finland in the Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA.

These kinds of study visits are extremely popular and Finland in particular is a sought-after destination. The UEF Teacher Training School in Joensuu attracted more than 160 applications ­– which is a lot more than places available –, making it the most sought-after destination in Europe. It seems that the good reputation of the UEF Teacher Training School in Joensuu has spread through the grapevine and many have chosen Joensuu on the basis of recommendations from their colleagues.

On Monday, the study visit participants were shown around the Joensuu Campus.


Publishing year: 2012

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