University of Eastern Finland attracted a record number of applications for admission

The University of Eastern Finland experienced a 10 per cent growth in the number of applications for admission in the spring 2012 main admission round. The popularity of the UEF increased the most among Finnish multidisciplinary universities. The spring 2012 main admission round closed on 3 April, and the UEF attracted more than 16,600 applications for admission. Last year, the number of applications amounted to a total of 15,181.


This year, the number of individual applicants was 10,430 and all of the four faculties experienced a growth in the number of applications.


The student intake to the three UEF campuses in this admission round amounts to approximately 1,800, which means that on average, one in seven applicants is accepted. However, this varies from one degree programme to another. Already in the previous admission round, the University of Eastern Finland combined several major subjects under larger entities, which means that applicants apply for admission to a single degree programme and choose their major subject as the studies proceed. This reduces the number of overlapping applications and the results are tangible especially at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies.


The degree programmes in teacher education, medicine, and business studies continued to be the most popular ones at the University of Eastern Finland. Moreover, all degree programmes available at the Savonlinna Campus attracted more applications than last year. Most increase in popularity in comparison to last year was experienced by the university’s degree programme in law (public law) - which more than doubled the number of applications – as well as by the degree programmes in psychology, mathematics and class teacher education. Furthermore, there was a significant increase in the popularity of the degree programmes in medicine, forest sciences, social sciences at the Kuopio Campus (social psychology, sociology and social pedagogy) and health economics.


The University of Eastern Finland also invited applications for admission to several of its degree programmes through the separate admission system, in which the application period closed simultaneously with the main admission round. The separate admission system is intended for applicants who already have earlier degrees and university-level studies. In the separate admission system, the degree programme in business studies attracted the most applications (more than 300), and the degree programme in nursing science 230 applications. All in all, the University of Eastern Finland received approximately 2,000 applications for admission through the separate admission system.


Entrance examinations will be held in May-June and the student admission results will be announced in early July at the latest. The students admitted in this admission round will start their studies on 3 September.


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Rector Perttu Vartiainen, tel. +358 50 3011 530


Publishing year: 2012

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