11.6. Treatment and Hygiene of Farm Slurry and Food Waste

Public examination of a doctoral dissertation in the field of environmental microbiology

Doctoral candidate: M.Sc. Mohammed Mohaibes 

Date and venue: 11.6.2011, at 12 noon, L22, Snellmania, Kuopio campus 


Our planet is facing many problems, including growing of population, increasing energy use, global heating, and reduction of green zones, decrease of energy sources and accumulation of wastes. These factors are influencing our life by direct or indirect ways. This work aims to develop the treatment processes for farm slurry and/or slurry and waste food. In addition this study deals with the presence of hygienic important microorganisms in the farm slurry before and after treatments. Three trials have been done by using aerobic thermophilic treatments and one trial by using anaerobic mesophilic-thermophilic treatment. Farm slurry and waste material of whey and jam have been the substrates in two aerobic treatment experiments. The works have been done in both field and laboratory. 

The results showed that survival of microorganisms was decreased remarkably at higher temperatures (70°C), in spite that during the treatment a part of slurry was replaced with fresh slurry. The use of whey and jam wastes besides slurry was beneficial since they buffered pH which improved the process. 

Nevertheless, further studies are needed to find out the optimum mixing relation between slurry and food waste. The aerobically or anaerobically treated slurry could be safely recycled back to agriculture, since the final products were hygienically safe. 

The doctoral dissertation of BSc. Mohammed Mohaibes entitled “Treatment and Hygiene of Farm Slurry and Food Waste” will be examined at the Faculty of Science and Forestry. The opponent in the public examination is Professor Kestutis Navickas, Lithuanian University of Agriculture and the custos is Docent Helvi Heinonen-Tanski of the University of Eastern Finland.

Photo available for download at http://www.uef.fi/vaitoskuvat

Contact: Mohammed Mohaibes, p. 044 966 8610, mohammed.mohaibes@uef.fi

Publishing year: 2011

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