9.9. Uniqueness results of difference operators and shifts of meromorphic functions

Public examination of a doctoral dissertation in the field of mathematics

Doctoral candidate: M.Sc. Xiao-Min Li 

Date and venue: 9.9.2011, at 12 noon, Metria M100, Joensuu campus                           

In this thesis, we introduce some necessary background materials such as the outlines of the classical and difference Nevanlinna theory. We also introduce some uniqueness results of meromorphic functions sharing values or finite sets, and introduce some recent counterparts of these results for finite-order meromorphic functions and their difference operators.Moreover, we study the uniqueness of finite order meromorphic functions sharing four values with their shifts ordifference operators, studythe uniqueness ofmeromorphic and entire functions sharing a finite sets with their difference operators, and study the uniqueness of meromorphic functions whose difference polynomials (differential polynomials)share a non-zero polynomial. We summarize important background results related to this Ph.D thesis. Finally, we summarize the essential contents of Papers I-IV included in this Ph.D thesis, and give some interesting open questions. 

The doctoral dissertation of Xiao-Min Lin entitled Uniqueness results of difference operators and shifts of meromorphic functions” The opponent in the public examination is Professori Igor Chyzhykov, Lviv National University and the custos is Professor Risto Korhonen of the University of Eastern Finland. will be examined at the Faculty of Science and Forestry.

Contact: Xiao-Min Li, xmli01267@gmail.com, tel. 0086-13969873832

Publishing year: 2011

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